Life Labs Branding & Web Design

Life Labs is a technology and grassroots-focused initiative of United Cerebral Palsy dedicated to identifying, developing, and supporting ideas that will make a difference in the lives of people with disabilities.

The Scope
When I joined Life Labs as the first designer on a team of four, we had a logo, a blog site, and so much to be done. Here is the scope:

Understanding Life Labs
The most fun part of the process was solidifying answers to fundamental questions about what Life Labs does, who is involved, and why we do it.
To tell our story better, I expanded the Life Labs logotype.

Constraint and Opportunity
Life Labs is about the nurturing of creative sparks and ideas…
With no budget to speak of, I turned to NASA’s Creative Commons for an abstract visual backdrop.

Understanding the Audience
Now that we know who we are, how do we best serve our audience? We summarized of key concerns for each of our persona group.

Homepage Design

Hero Section
A rotating slider explains the “why” of what Life Labs does. (see section below)

“I’m…” Section
Tailoring to the needs of our audience, the home page provides personalized paths for each of our key audiences. Each takes the user to a page that addresses their specific questions and concerns.

—-below the fold—-

Recent Work
To provide an overview of our work, the recent project gallery section is placed below the fold. The first project is “Your Project” and is “Coming soon” to attract innovators and encourage user participation.

Hero Section (extracted)
Life Labs’ mission explained in a sliding carousel 

Project Page
Boiling down all of Life Labs’ numerous active projects in one spot.
Keeping our audience in mind, projects can be filtered by type.

Who We Are

Contact Us

Promotional Print Material

Coloring Page and Poster
For an extra bit of fun, I mapped out and illustrated Life Labs’ mission and goals into a full-size coloring poster—linking all that we do, and all of whom we work with into one digestible visual.