Enabled-by Design-athon Website and Event Design

Enabled By Design-athon is a unique three-day workshop sponsored by Google that encourages innovation in design for people with disabilities. 

The Scope: 
With only a month to go, a tiny budget, and all the visual assets to put together, here is the quick overview.

Who is our audience?
While the event is geared toward attendees, at an early stage sponsorship from companies like Google, Sugru, or Mitsubishi will also be key.

What does the workshop do?
The workshop gathers participants in teams, teach on designing for empathy and accessibility and help participants move from ideation to product in two days.

Why? What’s our mission and what really matters?
Promoting empathy driven universal design. Products should be accessible, simple and easy and easy to use and desired by everyone.

Constraint & Opportunity:
With a low budget, I let limited resources be the guide. To choose the key color palette, I referenced possible color families from Neeneh’s line of neon papers. Neon colored paper is cost-effective, would save on color printing, and helps maintain a consistent and bright color palette across print and digital platforms.

The Website: 
Focusing on the key audience—the sponsors and attendees, we mapped out key features that are essential on the home page.

Homepage layout

Event sponsorship and print materials

Spray-painted stencil folders were handmade for the event: 

Online Ad 

Presentation deck with event schedule